0% losses

Thanks to the self-adjusting platform, our ducted vineyard sprayer can manoeuvre on slopes of up to a 42-degree angle and reach the most inaccessible parts on the plantation.

We guarantee no close human interaction with harmful chemicals.

The European journal of respiratory diseases published research performed on a representative sample for cytological changes of the respiratory tract in vineyard spraying workers. A cytological investigation of sputum samples, obtained from rural workers engaged for years in spraying of vines, was performed compared to that of inhabitants of the same environment who were not vineyard workers. Sputum specimens were conventionally stained with hematoxylin and eosin and were also tested for copper by rubeanic acid. Macrophages containing copper-granules in the cytoplasm were found in 64% of the workers engaged in vine spraying, compared to none in the control group. Sputum specimens were evaluated in respect of eosinophils, respiratory spirals, respiratory cell atypia and squamous metaplasia. In both groups, abnormal findings were more frequent in smokers than in non-smokers. Atypical squamous metaplasia was observed in 29% of smokers who were vineyard workers.

Our team of scientists has developed a system that entirely eliminates the presence of people during the spraying of plantations. The Slopehelper’s autonomous vineyard sprayer is the right solution.

The three main benefits of using the Slopehelper’s ducted sprayer

The main benefit of the Slopehelper system is that during the spraying season the operator is not present during the spraying process. The autonomous agro-system performs the entire pollination of the plantation without human supervision.

Standard spraying procedures are expensive, time-consuming, and treating plantations with fungicide is environmentally unfriendly. Not with the Slopehelper orchard sprayer system, where the entire spraying process can be completed several times a year with natural means, such as sulfur, to protect the environment.

Another benefit of using the Slopehelper vineyard sprayer is a considerable decrease in costs. You could use less expensive, cyclic chemicals that are more efficient, thus decreasing the number of sprays throughout the year. Keep in mind that the Slopehelper system operation mode reduces costs as well. An example of reducing costs could be to apply sulfur in plantations. Sulfur is proven to be inexpensive and highly effective in protection against harmful insects and powdery mildew when applied to trees after every rain or dew. Thanks to the autonomous Slopehelper system, this process can be completed easily and autonomously without on-the-spot supervision. Spend only 4€ to charge batteries, tank water and natural means for spraying and you are good to go!

Saving time is just an extra benefit for every owner of the Slopehelper agro-system.


How to use it

The ducted fan sprayer, like all other products in the range of attachments for the Slopehelper system, is characterized by simplicity of use. The sprayer itself has a powerful brushless motor that provides the continued ‘printing’ movement of the head as it would constantly spray the liquids all over the surface of the stems. When connected to the base platform, settings options for the sprayer will be shown on the board computer.

Decide on the height of the trees or vines, the width of the row, and determine the type of spraying. There are two types of spraying - via movable ducted head or a fixed angle. The movement of the head causes the ducted fan to constantly move up and down (for tall trees) covering the entire surface from the highest to the lowest point. The fixed position is designated for young trees or vineyards, where the head is raised above the tree and has a powerful fan that covers the entire plant.

The ducted sprayer is stored on a specifically designed storage cradle. To dismantle the sprayer and attach it to the Slopehelper base platform requires a mini-garage crane or forklift. We have created a specifically designated moveable cradle that is easy to manoeuvre and attach - making moving equipment a straightforward process. Your additional equipment will no longer be left on your barn or garage floor!

Once mounted on the vehicle, the basic platform turns into the most innovative sprayer on the market. Just connect it to two power sockets, plug it into the base platform’s main system, and wait for a notification to appear on the board computer informing you the ducted sprayer is ready for use. With the help of a few commands, the agro-system can spray a plantation in suitable weather conditions chosen by the user (such as late at night or before sunrise).

Main advantages

  • Big head, ducted blower

The head of the sprayer is a super-powerful, agronomic, aerodynamic fan with adjustable speed. Depending on the width of the row and the size of the trees, the power of the airflow can easily be regulated according to the parameters of the board computer.

  • Low maintenance

A small number of spare parts and electric actuator transmission means less downtime and low operation costs. Being equipped with four standard nozzles and hoses that connect to the pump and tank makes the Slopehelper sprayer one of the simplest in the world to maintain.

  • Silent operation

Powered by a high-power, low-voltage brushless electric motor, the Slopehelper, together with the base platform, will guarantee quiet mowing during the day and night without disturbing the surroundings. Not only that, the process does not harm the health of participants who find themselves near the vehicle.

  • Automatic angle adjustment

A tank of up to a ton of liquid mounted on the cargo platform prevents the vehicle from rolling over. The Slopehelper’s axis of gravity is always in the center, which holds the tank horizontally during operating, even at high inclinations.

  • 0% losses

Thanks to the self-adjusting platform, our ducted vineyard sprayer can manoeuvre on slopes of up to a 45-degree angle and reach the most inaccessible areas on any plantation.

  • We guarantee no close human interaction with harmful chemicals.

    One of the main benefits of the Sh system is the contactless spraying process during spraying season. The autonomous, agro-system pollinates plantations without the presence or supervision of people.

There are no more such terrible situations:



  • Recommended speed (3-7 km/h)
  • Head diameter (800 mm)
  • Speed of fan rotating (995 rpm)
  • Required distribution (0.0175 l/m²)
  • Diameter of spraying spot (150 cm)
  • Air speed on the exit (2.3 m/sec)
  • Airflow (4 m/sec)
  • Sound power level (46 dB)
  • Brushless motor (BLDC)
  • Low voltage (48 V)
  • Min. passage width (180 cm)