Transform your fertilizing process with our pneumatic Fertilizer! Boasting a distribution capacity of up to 2 tons of granules per hectare and eight channels, automatic control of distribution density, efficient root area targeting, and a sizable 1200l tank - it's a game-changer. Say goodbye to your workforce's exposure to harmful fertilizer dust!



  • The tank installed on the cargo platform
  • 8 independent channels for propelling and spreading fertilizing agents
  • Movement speed from 1kmph up to 4kmph.
  • Tank volume for loading fertilizing agents: 1100 liters
  • Rows up to 3.1m. Spreading width can be adjusted.
  • Working mode, dosage from 250 up to 800 Kg/Ha for Granulized fertilizers
  • Working mode, dosage from 500 up to 2000 Kg/Ha for Pelletized fertilizers
  • Automated fertilizing agent drain sequence. Tank purge mode.

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